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cnhc_therapy2Allergy Testing

Do you suffer from asthma, sinus problems, skin irritations, bloating, allergies, IBS, Thrush or nausea? Are you tired or lethargic? You may well be intolerant to certain foods or substances that could be quickly and easily detected using a Vega machine. So many people struggle on until they develop far more serious diseases that could have been prevented.

This test is carried out using a Vega machine which is widely used throughout Germany, in GPs surgeries. This machine enables us to quickly obtain information about intolerances which may not be considered in normal medical tests, but could be responsible for many types of chronic illnesses or symptoms in which conventional testing finds nothing wrong.

The test is completely painless, (no needles are used), and is carried out with the patient lying down comfortably and fully clothed. After the test in-depth advice and suggestions are given  on dietary changes or ensuing needs for supplements or vitamins.

The test cost £125 and includes unlimited free follow ups. The appointment last for approximately 1hr and a half. We can also test for vitamin deficiencies using the same machine. To have both tests it costs £150.

It could change your life…. Book an appointment now…